Lowering Route 9 - East Alignment

With Independence Avenue connected, the option exists to lower Route 9 between I-70 and the Missouri River, providing new signalized intersections with 3rd Street and 5th Street. While it would be physically possible to do this and maintain the I-70 interchange, the impact to that change on Cherry Street would likely shift traffic passing through the area into the Columbus Park neighborhood, which is an undesirable situation.

One option would be to shift Route 9 east to utilize some of the existing Cherry Street alignment (without going further east than Cherry currently exists.). This would provide the potential for a significant amount of land west of Route 9 to be purchased from MoDOT for new uses. To accommodate this, a new bridge structure would need to be constructed beginning just north of 3rd Street, tying into the Heart of America bridge over the Missouri River near 1st Street. (There is an existing bridge joint at that location which makes this feasible.)

east alignment concept.jpg

Route 9 with proposed 3rd Street and 5th Street intersections

Northbound Route 9: Press the play button to view a 3D rendering of this concept

Southbound Route 9: Press the play button to view a 3D rendering of this concept

image 4.jpg

Route 9 and 3rd Street intersection, looking southwest

image 3.jpg

Route 9 and 3rd Street intersection, looking northwest

This option is estimates to cost between $13.4 million and $14.8 million, including soft costs (survey, design, engineering). Utility relocation costs are not included, nor the cost to acquire property from the Missouri Department of Transportation for redevelopment. If combined with the Independence Avenue Connection, the total project costs would rise to $19.6 million to $21.6 million. As you will recall, the Independence Avenue Connection must be made for this to be a viable option.