Connect Independence Avenue /

Eliminate I-70 Interchange

Access to Route 9 from the surrounding freeway system is somewhat complex, with many options that utilize direct ramps or a collection of local streets.

Current Route 9 access

Instead of focusing on the freeway system, the concept of reconnecting Independence Avenue emphasizes the local street network. With the loop ramps that exist today at the I-70 and Route 9 interchange, reconnecting Independence Avenue would be difficult and expensive, if not impossible while maintaining current design standards.


However, by reconnecting Independence Avenue with a signalized intersection at Route 9, the existing street network would still provide connections to the freeway system and Route 9, relying on Independence Avenue to provide critical movements and keep traffic passing through the area out of Columbus Park and the River Market.

Restore Independence Avenue.png

Route 9 with Independence Avenue intersection

By removing the I-70 ramps, this option also opens up the possibility to purchase excess land from MoDOT to use for redevelopment.

remove interchange.jpg

Route 9 and Independence Avenue

Independence Avenue, westbound: Press the play button to view a 3D rendering of this concept

East Alignment_1.jpg

Route 9 and Independence Avenue looking northwest

image 2.jpg

Route 9 looking southwest

This option is estimates to cost between $6.2 million and $6.8 million, including soft costs (survey, design, engineering). Utility relocation costs are not included, nor the cost to acquire property from the Missouri Department of Transportation for redevelopment.